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19th July 2018 【Announcement of Summer's Holiday】
Saturday 11th August 2018 - Wednesday 15th August 2018
During the above period, we would like to close the Summer holidays.
In addition, we will open regularly from August 16th (Thursday).
14th December 2017 【Announcement of New Year's Holiday】
Friday 29th December 2017 - Thursday, January 4, 2018
During the above period, we would like to close the year-end and new year holidays.
In addition, we will open regularly from January 5 (Friday).
1st May 2017 【INFO】 An official site opened.
27th April 2017 INFO】 We established JCL Company.
Our consulting business will consult mainly on expansion of capital, which forms the basis of management tasks, and financial management.
Regarding the derivation of capital, we mainly propose synergies with Middle East capital wishing to break away from dependence on oil exports and also Chinese capital emerging in the global economy.
When asked about the concept of "Product", if you answer "Goods which was completed by processing the raw materials." you would be an honor student.
Just adding the concept of "management" there, the answer will be somewhat complicated. For business, products that can not be sold even if they make finished products are just "Garbage". The product manufacturing and service provision providers focus on "Market Demand" but it is commonplace, there are other "Risks" intervening in the project, such as "Economic Environment", "Weather / Natural Disaster" or "Sudden Accident" etc. The economic activity that respond to risk is never "speculation", moreover "gambling" and so on. Economic activity based on the occasional business situation is an extremely important strategy. "Compound derivative management" that tends to be misunderstood due to mass loss in the past is the result of companies dancing on the stage of investment / speculation operation boom made by financial institutions without interlocking with core business.
What is necessary for economic activities in a broader sense will be decentralization of businesses, and at the same time it will be an expansion of new money procurement routes such as construction of leveraged procurement schemes using external credit capital of SBLC etc. If a company continues its existing business within limited capital, it will be difficult to explode performance in existing markets where competitors exist, as there is competition for market share. What is needed is a new area development project (New Market creation). So what is for the success? That's pretty simple. "Balance of Offensive & Defensive" is necessary, but the basic is the enhancement of funds. And what companies do is to have a surplus company as a subsidiary, or/and to create a new market for undeveloped area and get the benefits of pioneer. "Investment activities considering business practice" and "strategic capital procurement power", these are the key to leading the stage up.
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