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Representative Director
Since graduated Tokyo University of Agriculture (International Agricultural Development), have consistently stayed in the financial industry for 30 years. About 10 years in the early days of the industry, in the financial markets of Chicago and New York, belonging to a major local financial institution in U.S., experienced trading for major Japanese financial institutions and trading companies, when "Black Monday" occurs, just on Wall Street working desk. In 1996, when belonged to the British Bank Group "HSBC", advanced to the International Finance Headquarters of Tokyo Branch as a senior manager. After returning to Japan, from HSBC through Credit Suisse Securities, then established a Japanese subsidiary of the RFCO Group (U.S. financial and securities group) and became the Representative Director. REFCO Securities became a key player in expanding Japanese FX business. Then served as a representative director of independent securities company and a director of major asset management & investment adviser company, and currently engaged in management of JCL which is a business management & financial consulting group, as a culmination thereof based on knowledge and management experience in the past financial market.

1986 Tokyo Universiy of Agriculture - Faculty of Agriculture - Internatinal Agricultural Development / Bachelor's Degree
1986 Daiwa Futures Co., Ltd. (Current Himawari Securities Co., Ltd.) U.S.A. Chicago office / Assistant Manager
1989 Equidex Brokerage Group Inc. / Japan Sales - Assistant Manager (Located in N.Y.)
1992 Chase Manhattan Group, Financial Futures Sales Team / Japan Desk Manager (Located in N.Y.)
1995 HSBC Group - HSBC Securities Inc. Financial Products Team / Japan Desk Manager (Located in N.Y.)
1996 HSBC Group - HSBC Midland Bank, plc. Tokyo Branch, Global Financial Department / Head of Futures Div. (Located in Tokyo)
1999 Credit Suisse First Boston Securities, Listed Derivatives Department / Head of Japan sales team (Located in Tokyo)
2001 REFCO Group Limited (U.S. Financial Group) / Representative in Japan & Representative Director of REFCO Securities Japan Limited
2006 Plaza Securities Inc. / Representative Director & C.E.O.
2008 Axuss Group (U.S. Consulting Company) / C.E.O.
2017 JCL Company, Ltd. / Representative Director
1972 Hitotsubashi Universiy - Bachelor's Degree
1972 Nomura Research Institute / Jointed
1988 NRI USA / Vice president & Executive Officer
1998 Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. / Chief Economist - Institute of Finance
2004 World Nichiei Securities (Current SBI Securities) / Managing Director & Executive Operating Officer
2008 Kurokawa Securities, Co., Ltd. (Current Akatsuki Securities)/ Managing Director & Executive Officer
2012 Ace Securities / Managing Director & Executive Operating Officer
2013 Ace Research Institute / Senior Strategist
2017 JCL Company, Ltd. / Director
Kazuo UOI
1951 Urakawa High School / Graduate
1951 Marukawa Uoi Fisheries / joined
1963 Alaska, USA / Recognition from the US government to contribute to the promotion of independence
1970 Kingdom of Norway / Take the title of "Knight" from the Norwegian royal family
1985 All Japan Fisheries business Federation / Director
1993 Kadokawa Research Institute / Director
2003 Mongolian Red Cross / Director & Japan Representative ( Incumbent )
2008 Mongolian Ministry of Agriculture, Mongolian University, Mongolian Agricultural University / Advisor ( Incumbent )
2017 JCL Company, Ltd. / Director
Takayuki SATO
2001 Chuo University, Faculty of Commerce / Bachelor's Degree
2002 Passed Certified Public Accountant Exam
2002 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu / Joined
2007 Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory / Joined
2012 Waseda University / MBA - Financial Institute
2012 Takayuki Sato Taxation Office / Representative
2013 Taxation Office INTGRITY (Organization change) / Representative ( Incumbent )
2017 JCL Company, Ltd. / Auditor
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