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Management Strategy
We will clarify "PURPOSE" and "VISION" that are the foundation of business management. And we will see how top of the company personal 'PURPOSE' and 'VISION' link to that of the company itself.
"There is no stable success in business without belief!" That is, that the management of the portion to be the all of the nucleus to make sure, we will assemble a business based on its landmarks.
For example, although the core business is important for enterprises, it is also true that sometimes it works by changing and correcting business contents in the face of changes in the external environment. In addition, diversified management as necessary in the mid- and long-term business plan will be an extremely effective method if it is on the flow of "PURPOSE" and "VISION".
We will provide concrete client management strategy support with these keywords.
Personne and Organization Reform
A company / workplace is a group of people. If people gather, there will always be a "Partnership". Besides the relationship between the manager and his / her superiors, top managers and new recruits, sales partners and customers are also partnership forms. Having a common "PURPOSE" and "VISION" there will improve human relations.
The one to watch out for is the horizontal tie in the organization. Even if communication opportunities are thin between parts, having common objectives and landmarks will stimulate communication and motivation will change. We encourage you to positively arrange client-wide communication opportunities.
Those created above will create opportunities for inducing internal ideas to achieve common objectives and introducing customers (business partners) among initiating departments. Moreover, a substantial decrease in the rate of occurrence of troubles caused by this is also seen as actual results.
Financial Strategy
As a company, this field appears as numerical value as a clear result as a measure of success, and it is also an area that requires sales ability. Borrowing from financial institutions is one of the most effective methods in the short term, such as investment of facilities to expand production capacity in the manufacturing industry.
However, we can not deny the need to clarify business plans with a view to future direct financing, such as capital increase strategy and IPO strategy in capital policy.
In reality, although there is a business plan, it is only a record that put ink on paper, and for the entire company including managers, it is established as a mind as a concrete object from the bottom of heart. There are many cases that are not. The specific numerical fluctuation and the target to be focused are the most clear indicators. Do not make it a vague record.
While consulting sales and cost management by sales, our consulting will be made more effective in strengthening capital procurement capabilities that aim to further improve efficiency.
Sales & Marketing Strategy
We will propose a marketing method that exploits the customer's business type, characteristics and personality. We will consult about how to connect customers' services and products to customers, and whether they can present themselves attractive.
Is there any salesman that says somewhere in his heart that he has a desire to overturn customers? Are there any salespeople who do not have confidence in their products / services? Of course, sales proceeds are consideration for services. The important thing is that sales people love to understand their products and services more. To act with confidence that it meets customer needs. Also, to build a system that allows companies, including themselves, to be aware of steady heading towards their targets.
We will link sales department more strongly with other departments (Partnership) and support even mental care of staff.
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